Intro to Dragon City

Dragon City” is a Social Network game developed by “Social Point”. Where you can build a powerful Dragon City by raising and training your own dragons for battle. All that you have to do is collect gems, feed your dragons, breed your dragons, train it and go for battle. You would enjoy and master up bringing the dragons.

Breeding Dragons

Breeding is a part of the gameplay, where you have to buy the dragon eggs and grow. At level 4 your dragons would be ready for breeding process. For which you have to build a breeding mountain or breeding tree, where you can mate dragons to get better dragons and progress through the hierarchy. And it is always better to progress from “Generation 1” because as the breeding and hatching takes time and if you go for high level breeds this would take longer breeding time and drag you in the gameplay.

Basic Breeding dragons

Earth Dragon – Fire Dragon – Water Dragon –Plant Dragon – Electric Dragon – Ice Dragon – Metal Dragon – Dark Dragon – Legend Dragon

Below sample table gives you an idea on what all the Dragons you would get by mating the Basic Dragons in Generation 1. Like such this goes for Generation 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Generation 1
Earth Fire Flaming Rock or Volcano
Plant Tropical or Cactus
Water Mud or Waterfall
Electric Star or Chameleon
Ice Alpine or Snow Flake
Metal Armadillo
Dark Hedgehog or Venom
Fire Earth Flaming Rock or Volcano
Plant FireBird or Spicy
Water Cloud or Blizzard
Electric Laser or  Hot Metal
Metal Medieval or Steampunk
Dark Vampire or Dark Fire
Water Earth Mud
Fire Cloud or Blizzard
Plant Nenufar or Coral
Electric Lantern Fish or Storm
Ice Icecube or Ice Cream
Metal Mercury or Seashell
Plant Earth Tropical
Fire FireBird or Spicy
Water Nenufar or Coral
Ice Dandelion or Mojito
Metal Jade or Dragonfly
Dark Carnivore plant or Rattle Snake
Electric Earth Star or Chameleon
Fire Laser or  Hot Metal
Water Lantern Fish or Storm
Metal Golden or Battery
Dark Neon
Ice Moose
Ice Earth Alpine or Snow Flake
Water Icecube or Ice Cream
Plant Dandelion or Mojito
Metal Platinum
Electric Moose
Metal Fire Medieval or Steampunk
Water Mercury or Seashell
Ice Platinum
Plant Jade or Dragonfly
Electric Golden or Battery
Dark Zombie
Mud Earth Hedgehog or Venom
Fire Vampire or Dark Fire
Plant Carnivore plant or Rattle Snake
Electric Neon
Ice Penguin
Metal Zombie
Mud Poo

Generation 2 is for Hybrid Rare Dragons

Generation 3 is for Legendary Dragons.

Generation 4 is for Pure Dragons.

Finally Generation 5 is for Pure Element Dragons.

Apart from this the players would also get other special promotional dragons even without Breeding. Which is based on the levels reached and they can use the gems they have collected to do the same. Also the other thing to be noted here is for each an every mating, breeding and hatching it would take time based on the types of dragons and levels. For every draw in the spell game it would take around 6 hours to get cooldown, however you can overcome or minimize this waiting time through paying gems. But still for the every free draw you make, your chance of getting top prize would also be minimized.